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Quality construction, with quality as the root; Self-promotion, healthy competition, mutual appreciation and mutual support; Have a positive mindset, things might not always be smooth sailing, Persevere in adversity. Treat others kind when you are doing well, you never know when the tide will turn. Keep the environment clean and be a lovable person. Take good care of public property, cherish resources, be industrious and thrifty, develop together; Work hard to strive for a better future; Develop a good habit for yourself and leave a good impression for others; Abide by factory rules and regulations and strive to be excellent employees; Qualified employees start from strict compliance; establish new horizons, embark on new possibilities; To shape the quality of people, establish the foundation of management; The enterprise is people-oriented and the employees are proud of the factory. Treat the enterprise as a school and as a home; Learn from and care for each other; Change the concept of style, let the enterprise culture transcend; Bid farewell to the traditional yesterday and stride forward to the standard future; The success of the enterprise comes from the contribution of every employee; Strive to be the first-class staff, jointly produce first-class products, co-create first-class enterprises; Good irrigation can produce good results; Our philosophy is: there is no best, only better; Continuous improvement is the essence of corporate culture; To embrace change and be bold in innovation; Adapt to the daily changes of the company without complaining; In the face of change, rational treatment, full communication, sincere cooperation; Forward-looking in the work, to establish new methods, new ideas; Create change and bring breakthrough performance; Admit your mistakes, take responsibility. Be passionate, be optimistic and never give up

your love for work, Look at the big picture, disregard personal gains, take a step each day and embark on th



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