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Explore the development path of both internal and external repair of steel structure building
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鋼結構建筑“破繭”中迎春天 內外兼修探索發展路徑.jpg

On January 26, 2016 China Steel Structure Development Summit Forum was solemnly held in Beijing. This forum was jointly held by the Department of Civil, Water Conservancy and Construction Engineering, Chinese Academy of Engineering, China Steel Structure Association and National Steel Structure Engineering Technology Research Center. Including 24 academicians of Chinese Academy of Engineering, many well-known experts of steel structure and construction industry in China, leaders of relevant government departments and representatives of well-known enterprises such as Hangxiao Steel Structure co., LTD., etc., conducted in-depth exchanges on the current situation of China's steel structure development, bottlenecks affecting the development of steel structure, and solutions in the future.

China's steel structure construction in the "cocoon break" ushered in the spring

"Since steel structures are green, environmentally friendly and recyclable, with good seismic performance, light weight, and high degree of building industrialization and assembly, it is an inevitable trend for the future development of Chinese society to adopt steel structures in large quantities." Zhou Xuhong of the Chinese Academy of Engineering pointed out.

Data shows that at present, China's steel structure industry has a complete industrial chain from R&D, design to manufacturing and installation, with more than 3000 qualified construction enterprises, among which the old enterprises represented by Hangxiao Steel Structure gather in Hangzhou Xiaoshan District and have formed an integrated industrial city. However, the proportion of steel structure buildings in China is less than 5%, which is far lower than the proportion of more than 40% in developed countries. Therefore, there is still a lot of room for improvement.

However, there are still many problems to be solved in the development of steel structure buildings, which have become the key to hinder the slow development and bottleneck breakthrough of steel structure buildings in China. "Technology research and development, engineering application, industrialization promotion, market management and ideas, etc. need to be paid attention to and overcome by the government, enterprises, experts and scholars." Zhou xuhong said. In the steel structure building fire prevention performance requirements, for example, with foreign difference: America's specifications only after considering the fire safety evacuation time, fire resistance for 1 hour, and specification of our country, besides considering evacuation to salvage the building, fire endurance for 2.5 hours, it improves the engineering cost, on the basis of construction cost will be increased by 50-80 yuan per square meter.

"In addition, the developers only consider the construction cost and current benefits, the cost is too high to accept; Builders are also concerned that construction technology, personnel and equipment will need to be reconfigured and short-term costs will increase. The design institutes, material suppliers, transportation providers and regulatory authorities in the industrial chain should change their existing operating and management habits, so that costs will increase and benefits will decrease." Yue Qingrui, President of China Steel Structure Association and National Steel Structure Engineering Technology Research Center, pointed out.

"In fact, when the whole steel structure construction industry welcomes the spring, it is also a critical cocoon-breaking period. It needs appropriate temperature, external air conditions and its own strength to break through, so as to usher in its own sky." As a representative of the forum steel structure construction enterprises, China's first listed steel structure company chairman Shan Yinmu said.

The development path of steel structure building is explored by means of external force and internal work

"Whether it is to solve the industrial chain parties' interest conflicts, or technological breakthroughs, management concept improvement and other problems faced by steel structure buildings, the final destination should fully pay attention to the real needs of end users, let the advantages of steel structure buildings and consumer demand fully unified, in order to achieve a strong promotion of the market. Chen Yiming, chief engineer of the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, said at the forum that the promotion of steel structures should be firm and positive, but the direction should be clear.

As a form of architecture with full life cycle, steel structure building should be adhering to the five development concepts of innovation, coordination, green, openness and sharing. Therefore, steel structure building not only to borrow external forces, but also to practice internal work.

Shan Yinmu said, "Hangxiao steel structure in the technological innovation at the same time, the first technology business alliance model, the quality of steel structure products to share with the whole society." According to introducing, hang Xiao steel frame "housing system of steel tube bundle combination shear wall structure" already applied for national patent, satisfied user adequately to comfortable sex, beautiful sex demand, solved "fat beam fat column" problem. The cost can be equal to or even slightly lower than the traditional construction form, including the reduction of operation management, financing and loans, labor costs and other aspects, reducing the concerns of developers in terms of economic benefits.

At the same time, Hangxiao Steel structure also through the sale of the right to use technology instead of the traditional sales model, to design technology, manufacturing technology and construction technology, as well as the use of the technical system and the implementation of the license, and other aspects of a comprehensive cooperation with real estate developers.

"To support leading enterprises and industry association, the implementation of the steel structure building pilot projects", as qing-rui yue in the BBS report advocated, steel structure building need by focusing on the development of the government, enterprises and experts such as strength, jointly create a good environment for the development of the steel structure building, let the market application more widely.

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