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The characteristics of installation and construction of grid
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[Student's question] How to install the high altitude sliding method of the network frame construction has the following characteristics?

1, the mechanical requirements are relatively high. It is required that the whole construction area should be within the working radius of the vertical transport machinery, and the machinery should be occupied for a long time. Adequate vertical transport machinery should be prepared before construction.

2, do not need to set up scaffolding, save cost. This construction method requires the construction personnel to carry out construction on a small network frame unit just finished construction, applicable to the construction area below does not have the conditions of scaffolding or fire sprinkler scaffold too much.

3. Slow construction speed. Due to the construction process, after the grid is assembled into components on the ground and then mechanically hoisted to the installation site, the construction personnel assemble it at high altitude, which is limited by high-altitude operation. Moreover, the assembly is composed of 3 rods and 1 ball, so it is difficult to install it to the predetermined position (insert 3 bolts into corresponding bolt holes at the same time).

The above contents are sorted out according to the problems encountered in the actual work of students for reference. If there are any problems, please timely communicate and correct them.

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