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What are the disadvantages of steel structure in steel structure engineering
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Defects in Xuzhou steel structure engineering of modern construction industry in China. Xuzhou steel structure in the construction industry is used by many enterprises today, but most of them have implemented the xuzhou steel structure in the new construction industry in order to optimize the structure, save resources and recycle the use. In Xuzhou steel structure plant also brought a lot of defects and safety hidden danger. Most of the business owners in Xuzhou steel structure enterprises focus on promoting the advantages of Xuzhou steel structure but ignore the defects and safety hidden dangers.

Analysis of quality problems in Xuzhou steel structure project; There are many complicated reasons why it is difficult to guarantee the quality of xuzhou steel structure engineering, such as improper process, violation of process operation, technical level and responsibility of construction personnel, and fault of decision makers.

Xuzhou steel structure engineering materials have high strength, good plasticity and toughness. In general conditions, Xuzhou steel structure engineering will not be overloaded and brittle, at the same time, the resistance to dynamic load is relatively strong, good energy absorption capacity and ductility also make Xuzhou steel structure has superior seismic performance. The practice shows that Xuzhou steel structure is especially suitable for large span and large load members and structures, and has high safety. Secondly xuzhou steel structure material uniformity and light weight. The internal structure of steel is close to homogenous and isotropic and is almost completely elastic within a certain stress range. At the same time, the light weight of Xuzhou steel structure provides convenience for construction, but also for the need of long-distance transportation and traffic inconvenience of the project, provides favorable conditions. Finally, the size of xuzhou steel structural members is accurate. A large number of Xuzhou steel structural components are produced by specialized processing plants. The whole process from materials to components leaving the factory has high precision and is easy to carry out strict quality control.

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