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Everyone is a talent, horse racing does not judge horses "- you can turn a big somersault, to build a big stage for you

What is lacking now is not the talent, but the mechanism of producing talent. The responsibility of managers is to create a space for innovation for each employee by building a "racetrack", so that each employee can become an independent SBU.

Horse racing mechanism, specifically, contains three principles: first, fair competition, meritocracy; Second, the job is suitable for its ability, people to the best of their ability; Third, rational flow and dynamic management. On the employment system, implement a set of excellent staff, qualified staff, probationary staff "three coexist, dynamic transformation" mechanism. In terms of the cadre system, Haier classifies and evaluates middle-level cadres. The position of each cadre is not fixed and rotates upon expiration. The essence of Haier's human resources development and management is to give full play to everyone's potential ability, so that everyone can feel from the company every day

The competitive pressure within the industry and the market, and can turn the pressure into the power of competition, this is the secret of the sustainable development of enterprises.



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